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LIAO Hsin-tien
Current positions:
The 14th General-Director of National Museum of History
Professor of National Taiwan University of Arts
Masters of art and sociology
Doctors of art and sociology
Senior Reader, Australian National University
Chairperson of Taiwan Art History Association
Dean of Humanities College, National Taipei University of Arts
Assistant professor, National Tainan University of Arts
Book Publications:
Trace, Imprint, Zhou-ying(2018)
Line-shape, Original Position, Lee Shichi(2017)
A New Thinking on Taiwanese Art: Framework, Criticism, and Aesthetics (2017)
Sign, Boundary-crossing, Liao Shiou-ping(2016)
Landscape into Art by Kenneth Clark (translation, 2013)
Extending Knowledge through Investigating Art(2013)
The Tension of Art: Taiwanese Fine Art and the Politics of Culture(2010)
Calligraphy Compilation of Fu Juang-fu(2009)
Four Essays in Taiwanese Fine Art(2008)
Study of Inscription Calligraphy in Qing Dynasty(1993)
Honorary professor of Australian National University(2016-2021)
Taiwan Cultural Award(2019)
Golden Gue of R.O.C. Art Association(2012)
Lin Yu-shan Essay Award(2004)
Essay Award of Taipei Fine Art Museum(1993)